Military Techniques for Better Project Meetings

construction project meeting

Project meetings are a crucial step in maintaining clear communication and organization on any construction project. As with any task, there are possibilities for plans to come off-track, allowing for inefficiencies and mistakes. Each construction project meeting should be met with forethought, preparation, and follow-through to ensure projects are completed on-time, on-budget, and per specification. Clear and concise communication yields the greatest results. We’ve compiled some of our tried and tested military techniques for better project meetings.

Communication is Key

The military runs smoothly through proper planning and communication. Using this simple, yet effective approach to project meetings translates into saving time and money. Avoid the “meeting meltdown” with an agenda and action items planned out in advance. Communication efforts must be scheduled at pre-determined intervals and should include only the necessary parties. We understand that construction is fluid and base plans can be adapted to each unique project.

Incorporating Lean Tactics into Meetings

Construction projects can seem a daunting task but when paired with thoughtful planning and clear communication, projects can successfully be completed. Effective meetings along the way ensure the process keeps moving, is on track, and that all invested parties are aware of the progress at each step. To maintain this flow, lean tactics are employed in project meetings. Each meeting requires a clear purpose, defined roles, and follow-up. Most importantly, meetings need to start and end on time.

Utilizing the Army’s AAR Method

After Action Reviews or Hot Wash provides an opportunity for reflection to improve future performance. An AAR is a focused conversation of performance results compared to objectives. AARs allow members to review the facts of the project, discuss what worked well and what didn’t, and to plan ways to improve for future work. When meetings conclude, there is still work to be done. Many people will move on from a meeting, so being able to wrap-up and reinforce what was discussed is crucial. Conversely, before action reviews are equally beneficial to gain insight and generate recommendations.

Planning for Success

As former President and General Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “Unrehearsed plans are like brand new boots, you can use them, but you won’t go far.” We believe this converts nicely into planning strategies for the construction management process. Taking the time and effort to plan out meetings and communication methods ensures every phase of a project has been well thought out to minimize unforeseen obstacles.

Using these tactics, Valiant Group minimized waste and maximized communication efforts through high-frequency but low duration check-ins. Learn more about how Valiant Group achieved this endeavor.

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