Educational Facilities

When it comes to Education Construction, there are certain elements that The Valiant Group recognizes as critical.  For one, quality and safety are paramount; not only for the workers, but the staff and students who may be around both while and after construction is performed.  Also, we recognize the importance of scheduling around the school year and immobile critical milestones in the construction process.  Often, Educations Projects may have to squeeze six months of work into a summer break, The Valiant Group’s Team is an expert in coordinating such endeavors.

In addition to the safety and schedule considerations common to education construction, The Valiant Group’s team has a notable history with the unique elements of such construction, and the best practices for implementing and improving on common design elements such as AV systems, HVAC, and lighting.

Members of our team have cut their teeth in the Education Sector, repeatedly delivering successful and award-winning projects to both their clients and their staff and students.  Pictured above are the Lillian M. Dunfee Elementary School, winner of the AIA of NJ’s Golden Trowel Award, and Rutger’s Tillett Hall, winner of AIA of NJ’s Interior Architecture Merit Award.