Communication Strategy: High Frequency and Low Duration Meetings

construction project management, high frequency low duration meeting

Managing construction work is often hectic and at times, unpredictable. It’s not uncommon for unforeseen circumstances to arrive at any point throughout the project. The difference between failure and success is how to plan, prepare, and react. A guaranteed way to ensure a construction project continues moving in the right direction is through a solid communication plan. Specifically, a communication plan that includes frequent check-ins without waste of time.

The Impact of Strong Communication in Construction Projects

Planning and executing a strong communication plan is crucial to the success of construction projects. Especially when it involves executives and company leaders, time is critical and waste translates into delays and delays cost money. A secure line of communication needs to be available at every step of the way to ensure the project is on time, to scale, and on budget.

High Frequency, Low Duration Meetings

We’ve all experienced those long, drawn-out meetings that seemingly, despite the duration, went nowhere and provided little clarity. We understand how even with the best intentions, long meetings can have a negative effect on productivity.

An effective strategy outlines the topic and messaging, the key players, communication channels, resources required, and an opportunity for feedback to measure the success of the plan. The high frequency, low duration method of communication is successful because it allows for super-focused and time-effective meetings to occur and it avoids wasted time and resources.

In construction, a one-size-fits-all meeting rarely works due to the nature of the hierarchy and structure of projects. Plan each low duration meeting accordingly, set forth an expectation of time length, and establish a regular frequency to keep the project moving forward.

Make Each Meeting Count

At Valiant Group, we understand the chaotic nature of construction and we thrive on it. In fact, we draw clarity from it and the chaos inspires us to clear a path towards success. We know how important it is to make each meeting count to avoid loss of time, confusion, and delays. No one enjoys waiting around for answers, so we’ve set the expectation to always be available and accountable throughout the entire project. Our proven and proprietary process ensures each communication is meaningful, intentional, and time-effective.

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