Military Skills Are in Demand in the Construction Industry

military skills

Each year, over 200,000 service members will leave the military and re-enter civilian life. Unfortunately, some veterans will have difficulty finding long-term, meaningful employment. In addition to issues with employability, veterans face other obstacles relating to structure, the pace of life and work. Understanding the valuable skills and principals that were learned in the military are the key to success as a returning civilian. Most service members already possess the talent and work ethic required for construction. It’s no wonder why military skills are in high demand for construction jobs.

Veterans Are Ready to Work

When searching for job applicants for construction industry work, you need people who are dependable, will show up on time, and who will follow careful direction. After all, construction sites can be hectic and safety is a big concern. You need someone you can trust. That’s why veterans are a perfect fit for this type of work. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Teamwork—Military missions are very much collaborative. Every mission requires coordination and teamwork. This is achieved through a defined structure and chain-of-command, clear communication, integrity, and working together to achieve the desired results.
  • Loyalty—This goes without saying, but veterans are loyal. They’ve put their lives on the line for their country so you can bet they’ll be loyal to your company and the project. Along with loyalty, service members possess pride, respect, and motivation—all critical skills for successful construction work.
  • Problem-solving—Problems will arise on job sites. It’s the nature of the industry. Construction requires clear-headed, motivated, and positive-thinking people ready to solve problems. Without this skill, breakdowns and delays can occur which could cut into budgets and schedules. Veterans are trained to effectively solve any problem they’re given.

Transitioning to a Civilian Life

In addition to issues with employability, veterans face other obstacles relating to structure, the pace of life and purpose. As veterans ourselves, we personally understand the challenges veterans face in life after the military.

Construction work provides a similar sense of camaraderie and belonging that the military provides. Construction work can last for several months to years on the same project with the same team. Strong bonds are formed which helps reduce the feeling of isolation that many returning veterans experience. Construction projects also provide a sense of purpose and achievement because milestones and deadlines provide concrete accomplishments, similar to the mission-minded mentality in the military.

Service members have experienced many things that civilians never will. It’s important to provide veterans with a comfortable work environment that takes tasks, routine, and structure into consideration.

We Welcome a Challenge

Construction work isn’t always easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it. It’s a complex and chaotic environment, yet it is extremely rewarding.

At Valiant Group, we are deeply invested in veterans and the military. It’s at the core of our beliefs, our purpose, and our business. Our goal is to help veterans translate their skills from the military into the construction industry and provide them a sense of community, purpose, and achievement.

With our proud military experience and our focus on supporting transitioning veterans, we manage and execute complex construction projects with honesty, transparency, and clear vision.

Give us a call to discuss your next mission.