Project Description

The Department of Veterans Affairs needed to modernize its three main elevators, P1-P3 at the Richmond VA Medical Center. Construction Management services were needed for the project and Valiant Group was the perfect choice. The project started in October 2019.

Key Objectives

To replace all machines, panels, keyboards/buttons, pull stations, cladding to get into the elevator and add braille signage.


  • All equipment had to be taken to the penthouse on the 12th floor of the hospital for the elevators to be worked on. 
  • The hospital was still active during this process so masks and gloves were worn at all times and social distancing as much as possible was mandatory.
  • Could only update one elevator at a time as people still needed to use them.

How Valiant Group Overcame These Challenges

Since all equipment had to be taken to the penthouse on the 12th floor of the hospital a crane was brought in so that equipment could be brought up to the top of the hospital. This caused additional complications to arise with traffic and other dynamics of an open hospital. These were swiftly resolved with collaboration from Vangie Miller, the Contracting Officer, A&A Elevator, and the Valiant Group team. 

A schedule was developed to allow for elevator phases, with only one elevator modernized at a time. The project schedule was met by expediting the submittal process. Expectation management was excellent during this project, all details about how each phase would transpire were communicated to the client. The subcontractor experienced a learning curve with each elevator thus reducing the modernization period quicker per elevator all leading to completion by July 2020. 


With Valiant Groups experience and expertise in Construction Management, the project was completed on schedule, within 10 months, exceeding quality specifications, and free of any safety incidents or violations. 

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