The Importance of On-Site Safety Management

Safety manager at construction site

Construction sites contain countless moving parts—both literally and figuratively. Whether the size of the project is on a smaller scale or large, there is potential for dangerous accidents and costly damage. It’s key for construction management to understand the importance of on-site safety measures. Implementing proper training and procedures ensures construction site operations run smoothly, safely, and on schedule.

What Could Go Wrong?

Accidents are not only detrimental to people; they’re problematic for the entire project. When incidents occur it becomes an issue for equipment, materials, schedules, and budgets. The U.S. Department of Labor states that businesses spend $170 billion a year on costs associated with injuries and loss of productivity. Job sites need to be led by professionals with in-depth knowledge of safety and hazard procedures in construction.

Education, Training, and Procedures

The first step in the management process is to establish and foster a culture of safety. Thorough communication about policies ensures everyone from the top down—including vendors, visitors, and customers—understands the commitment to safety. It’s crucial and beneficial to properly educate everyone on a job site of the potential hazards that exist. This can be achieved through an initial project safety meeting and through check-ins as the work progresses into different stages.

All job sites have OSHA regulations that must be followed to keep construction companies in compliance. In addition to worksite regulations and standards, policies should be prepared by qualified safety management professionals and made readily available at any time.

Why You Need On-Site Safety Management

When it comes to construction work, sometimes safety is the last thing on peoples’ minds after the budget, schedules, scope, plans, and more. Don’t leave safety up to chance. Choose a professional with significant and proven knowledge managing on-site safety.

At Valiant Group, we lead by example. We are experienced in on-site safety services that exceed OSHA standards and achieve desired project scope results. In addition to our experience and track record, we are a Certified Safety Professional and remain up-to-date on the latest industry standards. We are committed to safe and responsible work. When you place your project in our hands, you can be sure safety is our main focus.

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